Pez erryday.

I simply cannot deal with this. It’s banger after banger.

Wow Jesus, this is not sarcasm, I am having a great time.

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Slow and inconsistent - for anything video game related.

Hey remember when i was a egg?

Hey remember when i was a egg?


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Imagine the bass that’s so low we can’t hear it, it’s the ultimate fundamental bass, bass all the way bass!!

What kind of music do dragons listen to? What would dragon bassline sound like?? What drugs do dragons take???

From the archives, 28 ‎August ‎2006.

From the archives, 28 ‎August ‎2006.


Hi folks! You wanna know what’s going on? Let me tell you the story of Rossman!

In Rossmans world, spammers and pk’s live together in peace, the great Cadge maintains the audacity and firebombing of Carlin in the world… Sorry folks, server… shutdown in 10!

One fateful day, the evil Liches of…