Pez erryday.

American Idiot, the Green Day album, is 10 years old.

Oh my god what is happening to my life.

Courtesy of beatboxcheer.






holy shit

look at this

I don’t even know where to begin.


in the skeleton dimension, nothing is anything. having advanced far past our primitive drugs such as acid, or a pill, we have developed the perfect recreational substances for the skeleton who is lookin for a good time. the humble marijuana plant remains unchanged

boney fuckbois blazin it stil 420

When will the bass drop?

When will the bass drop?

Skeleton and on and on…

30 plays

I made myself laugh and that’s what matters in the end, that I’m the one having fun.


(bang bang)

Bart Simpson is 10 years old, meaning he was born the same year Outkast released Hey Ya!

Please help me, I am trapped in a time vortex.