Pez erryday.

My next door neighbours got a dog today. That means I have had the privilege of hearing their small child scream its name, on average, once every 15 seconds - for the last 4 hours.

I’m going to scream, I can’t imagine how the dog feels.


"it’s too warm today" i complain as i take a sip of my mug full of scalding hot tea

tfw the eschaton still isn’t immanentized

crocodile eats giant diamondread more

crocodile eats giant diamond
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true faces of evil dot tumblr dot com

true faces of evil dot tumblr dot com

I think “juggalo furry” is the most upsetting thing I’ve thought about in a long while.

When I was in school my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I told her I wanted to be annihilated by bass.

She said I didn’t understand the question.
I said she didn’t understand life.